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Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event: Finding the Mad Memoires - Phase 1

What's up guys? If any of you are having trouble finding the memoires for the GW2 Halloween event, here's a guide on how to do it. Remember, these contain spoilers, so if you want to try and find these memoires on your own, then by all means don't read anymore. 

Spoilers! Read at your own risk. 

   When you first arrive at Lion's Arch after updating, you'll notice there's a lot of hustle and bustle, players figuring out what to do, new decorations all over the place, and an asura, Magister Tassi, near Lion's Arch's fountain. Go talk to her to start the memoir hunt. She will give you a Candy-Powered Matter Meter. You'll use this to discover ghosts that will give you pieces of a story. The goal is to collect all of these pieces from different places in Tyria. 

Candy-Powered Matter Meter

   Candy corns! Mmmm. Doesn't everyone love candy corns? Well, your new candy-powered matter meter sure will. The candy-powered matter meter will only run on candy corns. Each use of the candy-powered matter meter will consume one candy corn and give you four uses. You can find candy corns anywhere in the world, just like a mining node. Instead of an ore of iron, it's a candy corn bigger than my asura, drool. The candy-powered matter meter has four abilities.

Scan Aqueous Field - Scan for signals from the Mad Realm on the aqueous frequency.
Scan Gaseous Field - Scan for signals from the Mad Realm on the gaseous frequency.
Scan Etheric Field - Scan for signals from the Mad Realm on the etheric frequency.
Scan Corporeal Field - Scan for signals from the Mad Realm on the corporeal frequency.

   The fifth ability determines if your readings are strong or mild. Basically, it's just telling you if it's a good idea for you to scan or not. 

Memoir 1:

   You will find the first ghost standing next to Magister Tassi. Use your Scan Etheric Field ability, and talk to the ghost when she appears to receive Mad Memoires I: Boyhood.

Memoir 2:

   Site #1 is in the water system of Lion's Arch. East of the Trader's Forum you will find a broken grate that leads to a series of tunnels. Take the first left and follow it until it dead ends. You can swim straight down at the dead end. You will see another broken grate, go through that. Follow the sewer under water, until you reach a point where the sewer goes in three direction. Take the one going straight down. There will be a broken ship near the back. Use your Scan Aqueous Field to find the ghost that will reward you with Mad Memoires II: Friendship.

Memoir 3:

   Site #2 is located in Old Lion's Arch. Sanctum Harbor in Lion's Arch is where the original Lion's Arch used to stand. Go in the water, just east of the Diverse Ledge's Waypoint, and there will be a broken tower. Use your Scan Aqueous Field ability on top of the tower, a ghost will appear and you will receive Mad Memoires III: Young Love.

Memoir 4:

   Site #3 is located directly southeast of Divinity's Reach. Once you leave Divinity's Reach, head east and there will be a graveyard. Head to the back of the graveyard and use Scan Gaseous Field to reveal the ghost. You will then receive Mad Memoires IV: Deadly Adventures.

Memoir 5: 

   Site #4 is located in Blackroot Cut. Blackroot Cut is in the northeast part of Kessex Hills. Once you're in Blackroot Cut, head to the north and there will be a small tomb there. There is a small coffin on the south end of the area with all of the coffins. Use Scan Etheric Field near the south most coffin, and look for the suspicious point. A skeleton will direct you to the island with a huge tree, just southeast of where you are. Head up the path until you reach the arch. Use Scan Corporeal Field and you will find another suspicious point. When you inspect it, the ghost will appear near the arch. Talk to her and you will receive Mad Memoires V: Betrothed.

Memoir 6:

   Site #5 is in Provernic Crypt in the north part of Gendarran Fields. If you use your Scan Etheric Field, you will summon a ghost that will enter the tomb. When you get to the first room in the tomb, there will be a veteran ooze. Go down the next hallway and you will see a big champion spider. Before going in to that room, you have to open the doors that are beyond that room. If you go to the right at the end of the hallway, there will be boulders that you can place on pressure plates, not to mention a few spiders. Put the boulders on the pressure plates and the door will open past the spider. If you are careful, you can run by the spider without aggroing it. Once you are in the room with the chest, loot the damn chest of course! Make sure you don't touch the mysterious stone until you are done. It will teleport you back outside. Use your Scan Gaseous Field, and a little scene will play out to the right of the chest. When the ghost runs away, follow him and you will receive Mad Memoires VI: Coronation.

   After you acquire all of the Mad Memoires, return them to Magister Tassi. She will then reward you with the complete book which is also an accessory. I would hold on to this, because she suggests that it still isn't complete. 

   There ya go. I hope the hunt wasn't too troubling for you. How are you enjoying the Halloween Events so far? 

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  1. Thank you so much for this help!! :D I am really enjoying the Halloween festivities in the game!! :D

    1. No problem, I hope you didn't have too much trouble. Halloween is freakin amazing. Nothing better than beating up somebody as a giant candy corn monster! :D

  2. awesome walkthrough

    1. Thank you. Hope you're enjoying the Halloween events! :D